Drywall Contractor for Commercial and Residential Projects

At Evalex, we offer start-to-finish wall installation and insulation services for construction projects in Metro Vancouver.


Drywall Installation​

We provide our clients with superior wall construction services, including:

  • Full demolition of walls (including clean-up and debris removal)
  • Exterior and interior gypsum board, drywall partitions
  • Architectural mouldings
  • Tape and fill
  • Insulation, sound partitions
Steel Stud Framing

Steel Stud Framing

Our expert team will perform a wide range of framing services required for your project:

  • Steel stud framing
  • Glass partitions
  • Framing for exterior walls and stairs

Ceiling Systems​

Our team is skilled in providing top-quality finished drywall ceilings that can enhance the look of any residential property or commercial space. 

  • Acoustic T-bar ceilings
  • Wood Slat and specialty ceilings
  • Metal Linear ceilings

Project Management​

From concept to completion, we will offer you complete guidance and support to ensure your wall construction project is finished on time and on budget.

  • Project administration
  • Timeline management
  • Regular site visits to analyze the project development